Palm Beach Polo Golf and Country Club

Property Owners Association, INC

August 2, 2021

Architectural Review Meetings will be held at the POA office at 10:00 AM on the following dates:

August 11th
August 25th
September 8th
September 22th
October 6th
October 20th
November 3rd
November 17th

February 23, 2021

Good afternoon,

An update from Palm Beach Polo & Country Club Property Owners' Association, Inc. (POA):  

Village of Wellington – Tennis House Front Lawn

The Village of Wellington Utility Department, via an independent contractor, has removed several trees and ground cover surrounding a utility lift station in front of the Tennis House on Polo Club Road near the main entry. The large trees and vegetation were interfering with communication devices affecting utility operations during hurricane and storm events. The work is being performed on Tennis House property which is not owned by the POA. Upon completion of the tree work, clusia hedges will be installed to the height of the chain link fence around the lift station to provide concealment along with sod and soil for proper drainage. Work at this location should continue through next week.

Parking & Vehicle Regulations

A reminder about parking and vehicle regulations:

  1. Lock your car doors!
  2. Parking on the grass in any location of the community is prohibited. The regulation applies to all residents, guests and vendors.
  3. On-street parking is not permitted between the hours of midnight and 6 AM. Vehicles left in roadways between these hours will be ticketed.

Golf Cart Decals & Path Etiquette

All golf carts driven in the community must register with the POA. If you have not done so already, please contact the POA office at 561-514-1800 or via email at for more information. Golf cart decals are fifty dollars ($50.00) with a check payable to Palm Beach Polo POA. Cart drivers are required to possess a valid driver’s license. Minors are not permitted to operate a vehicle under any circumstances and may not be covered by your insurance. Please observe the following regulations:

  1. All carts must have a valid POA sticker affixed to the cart.
  2. Carts are to be driven on golf cart paths only and not POA roadways. Security will enforce the regulation.
  3. Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way along all paths and carts must yield and pull over for each to allow passage.
  4. Carts are required to stop at all road intersections including corners without stop signs.
  5. Carts driven in the evening must be equipped with functioning head and tail lights.

Quick Reference Contact Information

  1. Palm Beach Polo POA office: 561-514-1800 or via email at
  2. East Entry Gate Phone Number: 561-793-7758 (call this number with any access control or security concerns.
  3. West Entry Gate Phone Number: 561-793-7759
  4. Construction Entry Phone Number: 561-784-1901

Additional Items

  1. The information provided within this email is sent to residents of the community and does not necessarily reach everyone that is residing within the community. It is imperative that recipients of this email share this information with guests or tenants that may be staying at your home.
  1. Homeowners are responsible for the actions of their guests while inside the community.
  1. Please immediately cleanup after your dog(s). Dog waste bags and receptacles are conveniently located throughout the community for your use.

For additional information and updates, please visit the POA website at or contact 561-514-1800.


Jim Taccone, LCAM

General Manager

Palm Beach Polo & Country Club Property Owners' Association, Inc.


February 17, 2021

Dear Fellow Residents,

Yes, another letter.When events require bringing new areas of interest to your attention or new areas of concern arise, the long arm of Palm Beach Polo will reach out to you.

The Dunes Preserve Fund

Attached please find the details of an annual fund we are creating to accelerate the continuing development of what has become our most precious asset and amenity.

As has been discussed in prior communications, we are still playing catch-up with years of irrigation and infrastructure neglect. The increased usage of the preserve required additional funds to be allocated to the landscaping budget. It is our hope the annual fund will minimize future increases.

Suggestions for the fund may be almost as welcome as donations.

Stribling Way Berm Reclamation

Please visit the Stribling Way berm where mature Ficus trees have recently been installed. Now that the new berm irrigation system is functioning, the microscopic Clusia that had been planted under court orde rto the declarant have finally shown signs of life. Some have reached the towering height of two feet. We expect regular watering will greatly accelerate growth. In a few years they may earn the title, “hedge”.Bare spots are being eliminated with newly planted Clusia.

Polo Club Road Clusia Installation:

The Ficus hedge that had concealed the Tennis House parking areas for years were removed for reasons unknown and unexplained. We have installed a new Clusia hedge. The new hedge is on POA property and the early installation should reap the benefits of the approaching growing season.

All-Night Patrols of the Dunes Preserve:

Commencing shortly, dusk to daylight patrols will be implemented throughout the Dunes Preserve. The patrolling vehicle may be the patrol golf cart or a normal patrol car. From time to time the golf cart patrol may leave the path and patrol closer to the homes. Please do not be alarmed if you see flashing lights. This additional layer of security should be welcome by all. A new fence starting at the corner of Stribling Wayand Pierson Road is under construction and will run the length of the canal to Black Watch Farm. Residents have asked us to emphasize that the Dunes Preserve is closed to all residents from sunset to sunrise with no exceptions.The Executive Committee has requested that were-distribute copies of the rules and regulations covering the preserve and dog parks.They will be mailed later this week. It is crucial that parents understand they are responsible for making their children aware of the regulations and the benefit they bring to the community.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Carduner